03rd Feb 2023

Aquador 300 HT walk-through

Join Jonathan Cole from Aquador and designer Karl Norschau in a detailed walk-through of the Aquador 300 HT.

Aquador, a brand well known for its Scandinavian Heritage and high level of quality, safety and functionality has been a Mainstay on Scandinavian and international waters for decades. Each model produced a stood the test of time and Aquador has become ever more desirable. So it was going to take something really special to take this iconic brand into a new era.

2022 marks the most comprehensive brand update in over 20 years, with the launch of a new series of Aquador boats. We are delighted to introduce you to the Aquador 300 HT, the first model of this new series to be produced.

Aquador is one of Nimbus Group’s seven prestigious brands. And the 300 HT offers features like nothing else in its class. To talk us through these features, we’re delighted to have Karl Norschau with us. Karl headed up the design and development team and he will in this video give a detailed tour of the whole boat.