20th May 2024

Aquador Officially Launches in the US

Join Aquador Boats in the US for an official launch event in partnership with Aquador's exclusive distribution partner, PowerTime. The event will take place July 7-9 in Annapolis, Maryland, just outside the Nimbus Group Headquarters in the United States. Both the Aquador 250HT and 300HT will be available for private tours and sea trials by appointment at the launch event in Annapolis, as well as in Charlotte Harbor, Florida, another PowerTime location.    

21st Nov 2023

Aquador 250 HT Walkthrough

Join hosts Jonathan Cole and Klaus Lamminpää for an exclusive Aquador 250 HT walkthrough video. Witness firsthand what makes this boat truly unique and worth the wait.

03rd Feb 2023

Aquador 300 HT walk-through

Join Jonathan Cole from Aquador and designer Karl Norschau in a detailed walk-through of the Aquador 300 HT.

28th Jul 2022

Inboard or outboard? If only there was a choice.

Which boat model you choose can often be heavily influenced by the drive options available.

12th Jul 2022

The team behind the scenes of the Aquador 300 HT

As proud as we are to launch the all new Aquador 300 HT, we are even more proud of the skilled professionals that work behind the scenes to deliver such a wonderful boat.

12th Jul 2022

Excited to see the new Aquador 300 HT in person?

We’re excited to show you! Welcome to Uiva, Finland’s largest in water boat show, where we will be presenting the 300 HT for the very first time from the 18th to the 21st of August.