12th Jul 2022

The team behind the scenes of the Aquador 300 HT

As proud as we are to launch the all new Aquador 300 HT, we are even more proud of the skilled professionals that work behind the scenes to deliver such a wonderful boat.

Pride, commitment, and passion
Every 300 HT that is built, wrapped, and ready to leave the factory will be possible because of the men and women that put in the hours dedicated to their craft. And this is what the Aquador experience is all about. Each moment you spend on an Aquador, you will sense the pride, commitment, and passion for boating that went in to producing each component of your boat.

We’re delighted to introduce you to some of the men and women behind the brand.

  • Viktor – Assembly
  • Joakim – Electrician
  • Ben – Production Line Manager
  • Jakob – Engine Installation
  • Sandra – Detail and Finishing
  • Ulrica – Gel Coat Specialist
  • Alma – Assembly
  • Jakob – Deck Assembly